Remembering Robert Burns

I met him first in college

I seminarian

Reading the poems of Robert Burns

Randy contrarian


No sight of lassies there for me

All sights agrarian

But the words he wrote brought life to me

A lowly church librarian


He had a voice – that is his power

Though some thought him barbarian

And leaving children here and there

Did not seem egalitarian


But full of feeling full of love

I reckon him a rare one

And today is Robert Burns’ day

And worth the celebration


In later times my son at school

Recited a Burns’ creation

He gie’d it laldy there that day

I smiled in recognition


And now today down from my shelf

A book a presentation

A gift that Margaret gave to me

Time I gave attention


The Greatest Poems the title of

A book by Andrew O’Hagan

And once again Burns comes alive

Here in my little station


And ‘To a mouse’ and Honesty

I’ll read with admiration

‘A man’s a man for a’ that’

And `a parcel of rogues in a nation’


He was like us in so many ways

A walking contradiction

But he was human most of all

Heart-warming fact no fiction


 A gift for friendship full of life

Yet hardship his condition

His early death brings us to grief

His memory our mission


Brian Fahy

25 January 2022

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