Promises To Keep

They made promises to each other

And they kept them

Almost strangers wed in Manchester

She in Metro Vickers

He from desert sands

Off next day for Normandy

Widow-making lands


Strangers reunited

Married life begins

Honeymoon in Ireland

Dad back down the mines

Wasn’t always easy

Sickness and in health

Four children was their story

That was their true wealth


Now they are our memories

Our roots our family tree

Their spirit and their stories

Our sustenance so free

They are the ground we come from

Their counsel living still

They made each other promises

I do love you I will


Brian Fahy

19 January 2022


+ We make promises with the best of intentions. They don’t always work out that way. That doesn’t make us failures. Some things are beyond our control. We remain people who want to make promises and to live by them. We promise ourselves to live good and upright lives in the midst of our troubled world. Our very life is a promise. Let us keep our heart and mind and soul fixed on the promise of our lives. You are not a spent force.


My parents’ marriage is remembered in this poem. Their story could easily have fractured at some point. Happily they came through their trials and were together for 44 years.


Brian Fahy.

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