Violent Men


A domestic row a role-play was enacted

Mediator recruitment was the day

A man shouts at a woman

In a mediation session all frustrated

New recruits ourselves – what did we think?


This is quite violent I said

Another disagreed with me

I work in prisons he said

Violence is what I see in there


Silently I disagreed with him

Male physicality explodes

Man on man and dies

But verbal and mental assault

Man on woman

Does not die

It grows and grows

And men not in touch with their feelings

Hardly realise the hurt they do

Simply hit the punch bag

Until they do too much

And then too late


Shocked I am to learn

In Ireland these past 25 years

236 women have died violent deaths


The silent fear of sex has haunted us

So called fallen women

Were felled by men

Catholic culture celibate

And out of touch with life

Pervaded generations

And left them starved of life


We see it now

We need to see it more

Much more to learn

Let’s listen to the voices

Let women speak and let men learn to feel


Brian Fahy

18 January 2022


+ This has been prompted by an article in the Guardian, by Caelainn Hogan, ‘Ashling Murphy’s killing has shocked Ireland – but will it change a culture of misogyny?’

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