San Lorenzo


I went down to Nocera

South of Napoli

A few days break from study

In Roma Italy


Nocera is Alfonso’s home

He lived he’s buried there

For Reds it is the Mother House

The centre of their prayer


The night I came the old guys

In their common room

Sat down to watch a film so rare

About the war and doom


La Notte Di San Lorenzo

Set in ‘45

A time when all these men were young

And lucky to be alive


Conflicted days in Italy

Mussolini gone

Germany exacts revenge

The people suffer on


I felt an outsider in that room

Intruder on their story

What tales I thought they could tell me

Dangerous yes and gory


Outside the Naples night was dark

Nocera fast asleep

And old men shuffle off to bed

Secrets still to keep


Brian Fahy

31 December 2021




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