Christmas Greetings To You All

A card at Christmas

Is like a visitation

When people cannot come

An email or a Whatsapp

Will get the same job done

It’s the thought of you at Christmas

Always in my mind

And in my heart I venture

I always found you kind


And Christmas time

The feast of love

Requires we don’t forget

The people who mean most to us

The people we have met

Along life’s rocky journey

Though we have long since lost

The sight of you in every day

We love you with this post


Like Mary and Elizabeth

Mothers now to be

One journeyed to the other

To be her company

And both rejoiced in meeting

And did each other good

That’s why I send this greeting

Because I know I should


Brian Fahy

21 December 2021


+ To all my family and friends, and to all readers of this website, I wish health and blessing and peace of mind and heart this Christmas time, and fervent hope for all that is to come in the new year and beyond.


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