How To Live


A simple film reveals to me

Our basic human drives

The forces that often govern us

In the way we live our lives


L’Ultimo Paradiso

Set in Italy

Apulia’s deep southern toe

Beautiful poverty


Power and greed rule the roost

Respect and honour too

Vendetta when a wrong is done

What’s done to me I do to you


And Omerta the silence

Preserves the status quo

Nobody speaks nobody says

But everyone will know


Remote and rural places

Out of the way locale

The struggle to keep face is

The rule of life for all


Alfonso on his missions

Saw families destroyed

Vendetta and that Omerta

The rule of life employed


The simple folk of Italy

No different from us here

We too are given to vengeance

Our silences severe


The film was a true story

In Apulia long ago

Its lessons they are up to date

Mind now how you go


Brian Fahy

13 December 2021

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