Rock Solid

Mass was said at seven

But we moved it to midday

We didn’t face the altar

But turned the other way

We didn’t mumble Latin

We used the English tongue

And all this happened long ago

In days when I was young


The quiet solid settled church

I entered as a lad

Changed overnight to noisiness

An unfamiliar sight

The hush of holy sacrifice

Replaced by loud guitars

And folk all in a circle

Not looking at the stars


The key to governing my life

I felt I’d given away

When taking vows so serious

Vows that make you stay

I should have left

I should have walked

But the world seemed far away

And I’d been walking down this road

Since the very break of day


The world is not a perfect place

Many things are wrong

And growing up and learning

Can be a painful song

But if you’ve known love as a child

Foundations have been laid

You’ll build your own house one day

Your parents’ love has paid


Brian Fahy

4 December 2021

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