Coming Home

It’s lovely to be well and to be old

To sit at home all day and not be told

My time’s my own to do with as I please

This time of life just right to be at ease


A window on the world I now enjoy

And writing every day I now employ

To share as best I can the things I know

And say goodbye to sorrow let it go


And every time the picture of my dad

Comes to my mind and of the life he had

How happy that man was and at the end

Content with life my father and my friend


My mother too the love she gave to all

The home she made the nest the cradle all

How hard she worked in hospital and home

Wise intelligent and a funny bone


Now the baton has been passed to me

Follow their good example let things be

Learn to be a granddad and father once again

Every day’s a bonus even now in rain


And following the Wanderers as I do

They won’t always win a thing I knew

But they are family local and we care

Win lose or draw we’re always there


I was not ever thus as Newman said

But now I lie content in my own bed

Grateful for how I found my way

Found Margaret and my son

Found my day


Brian Fahy

4 December 2021  

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