The Cell


I saw a prison cell

Narrow and confined

And then another darker cell

Solitary in mind

Grim and life denying

Sadness to the soul

Of anyone caught up in there

Desperate for parole


I know that kind of feeling

I’ve lived inside a cell

Monastic cell

From age of seventeen

I remember the day I landed there

Shown up to my room

Slam dunk noise of closing door

Sense of lonely doom


It takes a man of maturity

To live inside a cell

We were only boys that time

But we’d bought the sell

Keen to follow Jesus

We gave our lives away

Took the vows they urged on us

Locked in from that day


Brian Fahy

1 December 2021


+ We need to live in the world before we ever choose to leave it for religious life. The world teaches us and helps us to grow up in a ‘normal’ environment.

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