The Healing Cross

The eyes that see what you see

To hear the things you hear

A privilege a pinnacle and a prize

The Lord himself the treasure found

The summit of all sense

The way the truth the life

The great surprise


The detective looks for justice

To right the wrongs now done

The judge he gives the sentence

How long a time will run

The warlord looks for vengeance

Eye and tooth the same

The priest gives absolution

Is that the end of game?


We’re taught about restitution

Making up for things now lost

But what if it is innocence

How can you pay that cost?

Some hurts are far too terrible

Beyond our healing balm

But not beyond the power of God

The giver of all calm


The Lord who came among us

And preached his healing truth

Is ever close beside us

And will restore our youth

And people that are hurting

And riven to the core

Will find the power of healing

In the crucified once more


Brian Fahy

30 November 2021


+ In the Church we never dealt with crime. We dealt only with sin. Sin was confessed in dark confessionals where sinners never saw the light. If sin emerged from the confessional into a broader room of knowledge, the person was sent away for ‘treatment’, and then hopefully returned to ministry. Two huge errors occurred here. The perpetrator/sinner needed far more help than they actually got, and the offended person, usually a minor, was completely ‘not even given consideration’. A third damage was done by inflicting a dangerous person onto an unsuspecting community.


The person of Jesus embodies all wisdom and grace and the Church hopes to absorb these graces. But we have failed to do so very badly.


It is a great human ideal and ambition in life to become wise in dealing with all that comes our way. To practise justice, yes, for everyone, and also mercy. Mercy does not dilute justice. It completes it.

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