That Time Of Year

When things are going badly

It’s time to make a change

Solksjaer departing sadly

Rangnick in range


Old year darkening dimly

Time to start anew

Advent turns our hearts to him

Whose coming will renew


Church gives out the warning

Stay awake and pray

Welcome each new dawning

Greet the break of day


My father on his deathbed

Silently he lay

Prepared to meet his maker

Brave soldier in his day


Now as my life ages

With numbers adding on

Stand with confidence I’m told

To greet the Son of Man


Old age brings on its frailties

The body is worn down

But the spirit is forever young

And that shall be the crown


Brian Fahy

27 November 2021


+ I enjoyed a lovely lunch the other day with my son, his wife Holly, the grandsons and my brother, Michael. ‘That is my little brother,’ I said to Lucas, 4, as I pointed to Michael. ‘What number is he?’ Lucas asked. ‘67,’ I replied. Quietly and with due reverence my grandson said, ‘That’s a big number.’

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