My Word

My father’s faith

Came out in the way he lived

He left the verbalising to my mum

His quietness was astounding

Being proper was his creed

He loved us and we knew it

As we sat upon his knee


He worked hard digging coal

He brought the money home

Depended on mum for parenting

And if we were getting rowdy

She’d call him to the floor

A word was all he had to say

Its power silenced our roar


He’d seen so much in war

The worst that men can do

Nothing now would constitute alarm

A kindly overseer

Relying too on mum

A gentle presence exuding peace and calm


One day in later years

Sat quietly in the house

Looking out the window like he did

He suddenly quoted scripture

Took me by surprise

I’d never heard him quote the like before


Heaven and earth will pass away

Came floating on the air

But my words will never pass away

And quietly he looked at me

As if the words he said

Had finally convinced him

He would follow where they led


Brian Fahy

26 November 2021

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