Hermit – Hurt And Healing

I will find a place

Where people cannot hurt me

A wilderness remote from human ken

I’ll build myself a home a log wood cabin

Forage for berries fish and live alone


Left for dead

A haemorrhage to the brain

He’ll never speak

He’ll never walk again

Unconscious for so long

His spirit deep inside

Emerged to walk the world

And walk alone


His parents died while he was away

He could not cry not feel a blessed thing

Until he spied the spot where he might live

And then he cried his grief and everything


Post traumatic stress we say today

A beat up man retreated deep inside

Resolved to make his way just by himself

A good man a lonely man with pride


Now the help of others comes to save

Helicopters hover in the sky

GPS from Houston at the rescue

Hospital and better by and by


‘People these days

Have been very good to me’

In contrast to the day that brought him down

In old age the healing of a memory

In final days

He really has come home


Brian Fahy

9 November 2021


+ Based on the story of Ken Smith, a hermit in Scotland these forty years. Found on the BBC Scotland website today. 9.11.21.

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