It’s Your Mother

My mother’s eyes look at me from her bed

Although it is Michael that she sees

A photo that he took when visiting

His Nan getting to know him by degrees


The look she gives is gentle as can be

No sharp look no criticism here

She has seen the world knows how it can be

A look of love it is for someone dear


And now she looks at me in my old age

Her silver hair swept back as soft as down

And she asks me how I’m doing at my age

Am I okay or do I wear a frown?


I too lived alone don’t you forget

Two and twenty years when your dad died

Ninety-four she was at the last

I missed him and yes sometimes I cried


Take your days and live them one by one

Stay in touch with life it’s our abode

Don’t forget to pray and ‘wipe your thone’

A mother is always a mother that’s the goad


Brian Fahy

8 November 2021

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