Still Life In Stirling

Today I’d say is as lovely as it gets

A bright November day

Last night the night was cold

This morning sunshine bright

Sky of blue no breath of wind

Not a cloud in sight


Dumyat and the Ochils

Stand clear against the sky

I climbed it once with Margaret

And Michael – he grumbled ‘why’


The River Forth is fordable

It’s here they built the town

And on a volcanic stump

A castle looking down


It’s a tidy size is Stirling

Villages around

Horizon shows the highland line

A ridge of higher ground


It’s here I found my resting place

My home my family

I couldn’t ask for better

A lovely place to be


I thought I’d be with Margaret

Until the end of days

But illness came and Margaret gone

I enter another phase


We cannot plan our way of life

We can only walk the road

And try our best to walk it well

I am grateful for my abode


These words I write it’s what I do

My days of work are done

I’ll keep on writing thinking

Until the set of sun


Brian Fahy

4 November 2021

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