Family Tree

I have been playing detective

Searching family tree

My father’s side

The side that is little known

The reason well they are stateside

Chicago Illinois

Branched out from there

Four family stems

Four girls who landed there


Ellen and Bridget

Sarah and Honor

Fahey girls of Slinaunroe

Kilmaclasser Westport

Headed west never to return

Now with the power of Internet

I can chase them down

And say hello to cousins

Connection such a burn


So far I have found lawyers

Firemen and police

And US vets army men

Who fought in World War Two

A girl down in Florida

Real estate her game

A girl in Colorado

Construction firm her aim


Ellen became Devanie

Sarah became McCabe

Nora married a Richard Quinn

Bridget still to find

Three second cousins are in my line of fire

Michael J Devanie

Retired lawyer in Wisconsin

Carolyn Crane Boyich

In Colorado

Kerry Ann Luitgaarden

In Florida


It would be nice to make contact

And to learn about

My grandfather’s sisters

They came from a quiet and impoverished place

Yet beautiful

And they had to leave and find their lives elsewhere

I have found Ellen on a passenger list

Of ships into Boston Massachusetts


To fill out their stories and rejoice in them

Would be a happy thing to do

I am happy chasing these girls


Brian Fahy

29 October 2021

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