Family Research

Pat Fahy

My great grandfather

Had a neat writing hand

I see it for myself today

On the census form

I also learn he married at 25

Mary Loftus his wife was 23

In 1911 they have been married 35 years

And something new I see

Overlooked it before now

9 children were born to them

7 remain alive

So 2 died

My grandfather Michael Fahy the only boy

Six sisters surrounded him for a while

Four went off to America Chicago

Bridget Ellen Sarah Honor

Mary came to England to her brother

Kate stayed at home and married Nevin

Did she marry Richard Nevin of Knockmoyleen?

They were the same age


The Fahys lived in Slinaunroe


A townland in the parish of Fahy/Kilmeeena

Land that was all part of the Lucan estate

A school was built in Fahy in 1888

So they may have attended school there

My grandfather was born in 1881


Kate’s son, Paddy Nevin died some years ago

The house was bought by ‘Dan and Dee’

A musical couple I met one time

They extended the property

And painted it a deep pink colour

It has been sold again


There are no Fahys in Fahy

The old man at the Clew Bay golf course said to me

He was right

There were a few families of that name in Kilmaclasser

In 1901

So we have no known connections with Slinaunroe anymore

Certainly no near relations

But we wouldn’t be lonely in Chicago

If only we knew….


Brian Fahy

28 October 2021

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