Strange Business

The President the riot and the mob

Capitol invasion on TV

Cops block entry at a narrow gate

Spartans at Thermopylae again

Others gain entry

Breaking window glass

And access to the chamber theirs at last

Deputies secreted in a secret room

America on the verge of doom


I am amazed

That millions can believe

And take as truth

The Donald and his lies

Pedalling fabrications

Architect of fake news

When you damage truth

The whole world you abuse


This man a damaged child

So I have read

When he speaks it’s clear

He knows how to butter bread

He says whatever nonsense

Comes into his head

And folk believe it

That’s the thing to dread


A wake up call I’d say

For present times

Beware your leaders

Beware their clever crimes

Hitler Stalin Mussolini gone

But others come with power in their hands

We need vibrant democracy today

Or this green world will turn to desert sands


Brian Fahy

27 October 2021

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