Only Today

How clever of the Lord

To give us morning time

And mid day and evening time

And slumber time and sleep

The waking moment when new born

We rise from out the dark

And once we’ve had our cornflakes

We’re singing with the lark


The working day then evening

Safely home and eat

Settle down relaxing now

Gone the mid day heat

And energy now waning

And bed a welcome thought

Goodnight God bless

Sleep tight we say

As slumber deep is sought


If life was endless daylight

We’d hunger for the dark

For weariness would get us

And on us leave its mark

And hopelessness would come to us

The journey far too long

We could not last an endless day

We could not sing its song


When sorrows deep surround us

When troubles break our heart

We cannot even face the day

We cannot even start

It’s then the world’s great wisdom

Comes running to our aid

Only today

Only today

Just today sweetheart


Brian Fahy

27 October 2021


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