Communion Of Saints

Since Margaret died

I live alone

Not lonely but alone

I have been lonely

Have been ill

Mentally unwell

Spiritually adrift

Lost my way

But thanks to my doctor

And his pills

And to a counsellor

I am restored to life

And all its thrills


My company

My grandsons and my son

Who visit me

And keep me occupied

And neighbours about me

I chat and say hello

They are good folk hereabouts

As I should know


But the company I crave

Have gone before

My mother and my father

Aunts and uncles all

And cousins now

Begin to hear the call

The community of saints

So I was told

In all my Catholic teaching

Learned of old


It’s important now I find

To keep this company

To talk to them

Involve them in my days

And laugh at funny ways

Blessed the one who prays

They are a resource

Call on them always


Brian Fahy

27 October 2021

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