Here no anonymity

Everyone knows your name

A sprinkling of islands

Off Norway’s western main

And northerly from Thurso

A hundred miles or so

The land of D I Perez

The hero of the show


The sea provides containment

A bloody painting’s frame

Though some escape in early mist

Perez will bring them hame

Relationships are powerful

The long hurt look remains

And sorrows sing their endless song

Of human hearts in pain


All lives have their locality

Familiar roads and lanes

Except upon the mainland

Anonymity’s domain

We love familiar faces

We see upon the screen

Perez and Tosh will comfort us

In this world of might have been


Brian Fahy

23 October 2021


Shetland is a popular detective series on television, based on the books of Anne Cleeves, and staring Douglas Henshall and Alison O’Donnell.

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