Watford were hopeless

Lost by five last week

Today they came to Everton

A win too much to seek?

Concede a goal early on

Life’s an uphill struggle

But low and behold

The spirit found

They climb out of the rubble


A man sits by the roadside

Lost and left and blind

Hears a strange commotion

A prophet of some kind

Help me Lord his loud lament

Give to me my sight

Help me see this lovely world

Make a sad life right


A lesson I apply to self

As I enter twilight years

We live by hope in life to come

We cannot live with fears

Weep for the sorrows that bring us down

Call out with loud voice

Hear me Lord I beg of you

Love is my life’s choice


Brian Fahy

23 October 2021


+ Sources of this poem: Watford under Ranieri revive a lost cause.

Gospel of the blind man, Bartimaeus is read this weekend. Reflection on this by Denis McBride in his book, Seasons of the Word. Lamentation is a voice of suffering that cries out because it believes things can change. It is not self pity.

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