Morning Light

It’s a terrible thing

To wake in the morning

And feel you don’t want to get up

I don’t mean that childhood laziness

My sister Tricia bottom in the air

Head in the pillow

Just leave me there

No – depression I mean

Its deadly grip

Has drained all your spirit

Eyes don’t want to look

Banish the light

Just stop the clock

Dead while alive

Can’t read a book

Want to do nothing

Nothing to do

A hell hole a prison

There’s you only you


Escape from this dungeon

I did – had the key

The key is in counselling

To trust someone with me

To open a floodgate

One sentence will do

The pus comes outpouring

Say hello now to you


These days I wake up

Not jumping for joy

But gradually grateful

I am here to enjoy

The day that I’m given

And the spirit to be

A grateful receiver

Rejoice now with me


Brian Fahy

20 October 2021

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