War Wounds

War is not a way to solve a problem

My father taught me that

And he should know

He had been through Basra and Iraq

El Alamein Normandy and back


Nobody wins everybody loses

So he said to me

When ships sailed south for Falklands

In search of victory

He shook his head in sorrow

And supped his mug of tea

While Maggie flew the flag abroad

Look here now look at me


And Tony with his tortured face

Looks back upon the war

That stirred the world to anger

And didn’t get us far

But all the factors back and forth

Arguments to build

Just a waste of breath you know

Someone must be killed!


That is why it happened

Cheney Bush and Blair

America was wounded bad

Revenge was in the air

We are powerful we are able

Someone did us wrong

Someone now will pay for it

An old and simple song


Brian Fahy

7 October 2021

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