Pride Of Place


I never asked them why

I just presumed

The reason why they called it ‘Dublin Hill’

Standing in Glencullen

Looking out due east

Tuiscean on my left

Carraful on the right

The river meandering

Till it’s out of sight

And Dublin Hill

A rise of ground

That meets the sky above

In that direction Dublin

But there’s no road right enough


Out that way is blanket bog

For miles and miles and miles

Until you come to Ballina

Civilisation style

You have to cross a wilderness

Whenever you go west

Not a house or road not one

The journey was a test


How did people live here?

What brought them to this place?

So poor and backward isolated

Cromwell’s disgrace

The sea was then a highway

Folk settled near the strand

But inland in Glencullen?

The need I suppose for land


And living by a river

A life source every day

People turned the bogland

Into a place for hay

And long before the roads were made

On horses they got around

And the famine decimated them

No one heard a sound


But stepping back in history

A hundred years no more

My mother a child in Erris

Poverty at the door

But people made a life there

And I can sing with pride

The song they made to cheer them on

Down by Glencullen side


Brian Fahy

7 October 2021

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