The Son of Man

Has nowhere to lay his head

He’d said goodbye to home

And Nazareth bed

Bid farewell

To those quiet hidden years

Set out on the road

That held so many tears


Never again

A home to call his own

The carpenter’s shop

That peaceful comfort zone

Now great strides

Into the world are made

Speaking words

And truths that never fade


Causing consternation

In his wake

Who is this man?

Clearly not on the take

They put him in his place

Upon the tree

And buried him

Good riddance don’t you see


Now you have a place

To lay your head

A stony silent tomb

House of the dead

They mounted guards

Told lies when soldiers fled

The Lord of life is risen

As he said


Each night

I lay my head upon the pillow

Glad to lie and rest

And close my eyes

One day a final rest

Will come to meet me

And after that I trust

The great surprise


Brian Fahy

29 September 2021

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