Your Cross

Hurt and upset

Are in every human life

Remember that

It will help to make you kind

No one is spared from sorrow

No one gets out scot free

The cross is there in every life

Bear it well in mind


Why do good ones suffer?

Think about the Lord

A man of goodness

Causing others harm

His words a daily challenge

Too good to be let roam free

Disrupting what we hold

Causing alarm


Destined to suffer grievously

Rejected put to death

Nailed up on a cross for all to see

He trusted in the Father

Yielded up the ghost

This the way to follow

You and me


The world is a sorry story

Full of hurt and pain

Defiant spirits finally meet the dust

But a life of humble service

Is a life shot through with joy

There is faith and love

And in the end there’s trust


Brian Fahy

24 September 2021

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