Herod The Tetrarch

Who is this Jesus that I hear about?

Working wonders gathering the crowds

I do not have such powers to heal

Such popularity

He is different from John I hear

I hear he likes a beer


Ruler of two kingdoms

By grace of Roman law

Galilee and Perea are his fief

A cruel man but curious

John’s words made him think

But power is toxic

To his brother he’s a thief


Keen to see this Jesus

Not to meet you understand

Meeting implies equality of power

No – seeing him will do

To satisfy his wish

A wish come true

When Jesus meets his hour


‘Tell that fox’ a quote we get from Jesus

An accurate description of the man

For Herod the tetrarch was a slippery customer

A man to fear he’d stab you in the back

Unsure and unreliable such people can destroy

He played with John as if he were a toy


Here today he features in the Gospel

A walk on part in Jesus’ busy life

He’ll feature at the end when friends with Pilate

He watches as the Lord is done to death


A life of family quarrels

Power struggles

Brought down by his nephew in the end

Went to live in exile

With Herodias

His kingdom gone

So near to kingdom come


Brian Fahy

23 September 2021


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