Prophecy And Passion

Why go to Jerusalem?

Why set out at all?

Why this preaching game in Galilee?

If you know the end game

If you see the cross

Why not stay at home

And have your tea?


What’s the point of preaching?

If people turn away

Why this God in flesh this mystery?

Constant opposition

Scribes and Pharisees

Worldly ways

Have no time for thee


Soon the Roman soldiers

Soon the crown of thorns

Soon the mocking jeers the cry for blood

And Pilate playing God

Will ask about your home

Where do you come from?

I wish I understood


A quiet home in Galilee

I am Mary’s child

And child of God if you could understand

I stand before you innocence

Is that a threat to you?

I am a king and love

Is my command


Brian Fahy

19 September 2021

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