Bring Me Sunshine

He scored a cracking goal

There’s no denying

And the header down and up into the net

Rotherham beat us

But there’s no use crying

Learn a lesson – to come the best is yet…


Twenty thousand faithful were assembled

Family Day come celebrate the team

But them Yorkshire lads

They came with other notions

Let’s stuff ‘em lads

Let’s spoil their little dream


Win away and lose at home

Dear me what’s going on!

Nowt to tear your hair out

It’s a familiar old song

You win some you lose some

The nature of the game

It’s an upward trajectory

And that is why they came


Life we know has ups and downs

Our feelings must adjust

We can’t be always winning

Sometimes we are in the dust

Sometimes there’s relegation

We never felt so low

But turn your face towards the sun

It’s always there you know


Brian Fahy

19 September 2021

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