Homily For Today


Luke 7:36-50


A woman wept at Jesus’ feet

Why would she do that?

Why this outpouring of love

From a woman of the street

What story does she have to tell?

What tragedy is there?

What has she heard that brings her here?

Her whole life now to air


Mine host is Simon, Pharisee

Upright to the hilt

Pillar of society

Far removed from guilt

Proper manners

Proper posh

Follows all the rules

Inviting Jesus to his home

This no place for fools


So tell me, Simon, Jesus says

Why are you so cold?

Why so proper in your ways

Where is your heart of gold?

The flood of tears this woman cries

Betokens all her heart

But yours is wrapped up in a fridge

In you it plays no part


At school we learn how to obey

How to keep the rule

How to be with others

How to play it cool

But the greatest thing we have to learn

Right from the very start

In being loved is how to love

And how to give your heart


Brian Fahy

16 September 2021

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