I read about the war

And what it did

The human cost in misery and pain

The countless untold stories

Of lives cut short forgot

And we like to say

Never, never again


My father was not interested

In medals

He left the war behind

Left it for good

Reunion of old pals not for him

He suffered nightmares

Dark shadows in the wood


Wars begin with words

With what we say

The rhetoric of righteousness

And boast

Mussolini on his balcony

Hitler on his stand

Stalin looking down on crowds

Him they feared the most


And wars begin with words I say

When spoken carelessly

When giving out


Adding to the fray

Words of peace are needed

When dealing with a foe

Persevere in gentleness

It’s power – don’t let it go


Brian Fahy

16 September 2021

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