Wisdom On A Tennis Court

From one so young

It’s wonderful to hear

Still 18 and playing without fear

There are nerves of course it’s natural

And natural is her charm

A smile so bright

New York delight

All enemies disarm


Her tennis is impressive

The experts tells me so

She moves so well so freely round the court

But it’s her attitude that strikes me

And her comments later on

That will stand her in good stead

When life is fraught


Not worried about missing out on practice

‘It’s all mental

At the end of the day’

And as for comparing self to others

She won’t do it

That is the ‘thief of happiness’

She’ll say


She doesn’t stress about things

Very much

Credit to her parents as she grew

Always go on court

With positive attitude

Apply that to your day

Will see you through


Brian Fahy

9 September 2021


+ Wisdom of Emma Raducanu

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