Cassino Revisited

Last night I saw Cassino bombed again

Bombed and blasted

Obliterated gone

Pulverised and pounded

Smashed to smithereens

A head-on clash

The Ally and the Hun


The monastery was built again

Beautiful to see

High up on a hill

It sits serene

But the men who fought to capture her

Lie dead around her feet

The cemeteries

An ever-silent scream


Two men met in that monastery

A German and a Pole

Mortal foes

They met on holy ground

A life-long friendship then began

Each year they journeyed back

To see again

The place were friends were found


I visited in Cassino

Back in ‘83

I saw the town and abbey on the hill

I sat in silence by the graves

So many died from far and wide

A congregation all assembled here

They sing a silent hymn today

O you who visit stop and pray

And learn the lesson

Love must conquer fear


Brian Fahy

3 September 2021


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