Close To Shore

Luke 5:1-3


It’s good to see whom you’re talking to

And good that they see you

We call it human interface

An engagement so true

As I see you you’re seeing me

We see and are being seen

Encounter is the name we give

We’re not looking at a screen


Living awareness estimation

Going on right now

As we speak and listen then respond

We assess the who and how

Personal interaction

Human countenance

We know if we are lying

Or hiding from a glance


The Lord sat out a bit from shore

Made a boat a stage

Made an auditorium

For people of every age

I see you and you see me

A gospel message share

You’ll know yourself if I speak true

It’s as clear as this fresh air


So set yourself before the Lord

Look into his face

Let him speak his word to you

Come to know his grace

The living Lord is ever here

Waiting now for you

Set yourself before him

It’s the finest thing you’ll do


Brian Fahy

2 September 2021

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