Western Approaches

My brother’s on the west coast of Ireland

A message sent

So lovely to be there

It’s in our genes

Our family line

The place where we belong

Atlantic breezes

Good fresh Irish air


Edge of the world

Demarcation line

Here is life

There the endless brine

Looking westward

Sinking setting sun

Rolling breakers

When our days are done


Cork and Kerry

Clare and Galway too

Mayo God help us

Home of our own crew

All along this coast

The ocean breaks

On sandy shores

And towering craggy cliffs


Sea and shore

Meet on peaceful sands

And when the ocean roars

The tall cliffs stand

Each says to each

As far as you can go

And shake you by the hand

You’re good to know


And when I reach

That final stretch of coast

That marks the end of life

Give up the ghost

I’ll place my hand

In the hand of one I know

Will hold me fast

And never let me go


Brian Fahy

1 September 2021

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