Guileless in Gethsemane

Armed men came in the dead of night

To arrest the Nazarene

Swords and clubs and lantern light

Undercover don’t be seen


Surprise and stealth the method now

No more light of day

We warned him once a holy vow

Prophet go away


Jesus stands in open ground

And faces down his foe

I am the one you’re looking for

Let these others go


Jesus made his own defence

Before Pilate and the Jews

If he could save himself from this

He knows what he would choose


But evil men conspiring

Blocked his every word

Convincing a judge to try him

A theatre quite absurd


Never resort to violence

It brings no lasting peace

Prepare yourself in silence

For wars shall never cease


Salute all martyrs we have known

Romero Luther King

Sophie Scholl the White Rose girl

In Gotterdammerung


In your own life and every day

Find the way to go

Witness to the Lord of life

By living gently so


Brian Fahy

1 September 2021

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