Soda Bread


A sense of satisfaction

In making soda bread

Flour and soda milk and butter mix

Salt and sugar in the bowl

And then the great surprise

Drop of cold tea

Mammy’s recipe


My nephew John

A baker now

Down in the Isle of Wight

Used to serve this soda to the Queen

Our contribution to the State

And welfare of the monarch

Glencullen soda bread

From my dear old Nan’s estate


Many a time I ate that bread

In Auntie Annie’s house

Many a time my mother made it too

Now I make it for myself

History on a plate

A slice of it at lunchtime

When I have a brew


I felt that satisfaction

Making bread today

Mixing all those elements in the bowl

And heating them for half an hour

Soon the loaf is made

Like gathering words for poems

I can share


Brian Fahy

19 August 2021

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