The Cruel And The Kind

God is good so we are told

And his love lasts forever

But life in this world can be cold

So cold our faith to sever


The Railway Killers I watched last night

Cruel attacks on women

Young girls pounced on fearsome sight

Calculated vicious sinning


So many lives are brutalised

So many hearts are broken

Such innocents are victimised

Forgotten names not spoken


Think of all the murdered dead

Unjustly lives are ended

And God is good so you have said

How can this be defended?


I have no words I do not try

The Lord instead my teacher

Whose cruel death still mystifies

The pagan and the preacher


All will be well so we are told

For death has been defeated

The love of God a love untold

In Jesus resurrected


See the marks the soldiers made

The wounds in hand and side

Trust in me be not afraid

There comes a peaceful tide


Brian Fahy

18 August 2021


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