I now have a window on the world

My study once a junk room I have cleared

A seat beside the window

I see and can be seen

No longer a recluse – that’s to be feared


Windows to my right and to my left

Rejuvenated room a joy to see

Computer desk for writing

Settee for afternoon

The world I see the world comes into me


Isolation is our human danger

Never getting out or letting in

Then we go all loopy

Loose our sense of self

We need each other – isolation is a sin


That loner down in Devon ticking time bomb

The world is full of people just like him

Most don’t have a gun

But harm is still being done

Their isolation damages within


Be a social presence where you’re living

You have your gifts use them as you can

Greet and be greeted by your neighbours

Be a social gospel now good man


Brian Fahy

17 August 2021

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