Good Marks

Children like to make their mark

Crayons on a page

I carved my initials on a gate

Added then my age


Learning how to read and write

Sends us on our way

I have a book I have my sight

A poem every day


Bruce my dog he left his mark

Paw print on my missal

I was angry then but treasure now

The mark that made me bristle


Every single thing we do

Everything we say

Leaves its mark I’m telling you

Destroys or makes a day


Margaret made her mark on me

The loveliness of her life

How lucky then can one man be?

I was blessed to call her wife


The marks I made when but a child

Were carved into the wood

The mark I make today though mild

Will last if it is good


Make your mark write your poem

Paint your picture well

Today your easel and your tome

Awaits your magic spell


Brian Fahy

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