The Game

I wish he hadn’t gone
That Jack Grealish
I wish he’d stayed at Villa
So I do
Build a team around him
Boyhood dream fulfil
Instead it’s moneybags
The modern game is ill

Human greed every time
Gets the upper hand
I want this and I want that
Success I cannot stand
Where is the playfulness of life
Where the fun in sport
When money creams the best away
And leaves the rest with nought!

Man City buying everything
Money wins the game
And tippy tappy football
It really is a pain
Insisting on possession
The ball is mine to keep
This is not really football
To watch it makes me weep

The fun of competition
The level playing field
All went out the window
When money sealed the deal
A few rich clubs can squabble
For baubles and for bling
The rest fight relegation
In the premiership to cling

The Championship
The English Leagues
That’s a fair old fight
Take the field and play the game
Try will all your might
Premiership can be classy
Best players are on view
Bu they’ve lost their soul to riches
I feel sorry for Jack too

Brian Fahy
10 August 2021

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