What Are You Doing?

You have to make the world
A better place
Co-create, theology would say
You can’t sit watching telly
All day long
That way you just disintegrate

Disintegrate – what a perfect word
To lose the unity of your living soul
Fragment to broken pieces
Shattered shard
When all the years
Should really make us whole

I have been a writer
All my life
A preacher too
But first the written word
I cannot stop
I have to keep on writing
My contribution
To this aching world

I stopped there for a while
And plunged to nothing
Lost my way
My way of being me
I read the Scripture
Read the daily paper
Karl Barth’s prescription
Marry the two you see

Writing is my battle
With the world
Sorting out the fish
Brought from the sea
Like C S Lewis found
With prayer
It doesn’t change God
It really changes me

Brian Fahy
28 July 2021

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