When I am lifted up
Then you will know
What will we know?
What will we come to see?
I will draw all people to myself
He said
I will not force
I will not make you do
You must come to see the truth
For you

My way leads only to a cross
Not of my choosing
Let me make that plain
No death wish here in me
I come for life
To have it to the full
I give it free

The ways of foolish men
Brought this on me
Desire for power control
For victory
I stood before them
Tell whom do you seek
The Nazarene they said
I am he

The follower of mine
Takes up the cross
The necessary road
To Calvary
What we suffer in this life
Will be as nought
Like Christ we bear the marks
Of how we fought

Nothing shall be lost
I hear him say
All shall be gathered in
One day
To follow him
Where soldiers rolled the dice
Treasure in a field
Pearl of great price

Brian Fahy
28 July 2021

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