Requiem For Mammy

We gathered in the morning
The priest came to the house
We stood around your coffin as we prayed
A time to say a last goodbye
A cover to your face
And then the coffin lid
Goodbye, goodbye

It was a lovely moment
Before we went to mass
Before we laid your coffin in the grave
The rains poured from the heavens
Torrential not the word
Soaking Mayo at this parting wave

We gather up our sadness
We hold it close and weep
We tie it all together and we say
Thank God for such a mother
A Mayo mammy too
Thank God for you
Thank God for every day

Our faith our consolation
We mourn for you in hope
One day we’ll meet again
Of that I’m sure
The memories are warm
Your spirit with us still
Your love your guiding word
Is still a cure

Remembering that morning
The prayer the mass the grave
Gathering of family in Clew Bay
A catholic communion
The warmth and power of life
Into thy hands O Lord
That’s what we say

Brian Fahy
4 July 2021

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