Jesus did not stop the storm
He calmed it
That sudden squall
That came upon the sea
A sea so calm and tranquil
You never would believe
A storm could come
To threaten all you see

This story holds a lesson
For us all
For storms will come
No matter what we do
And like disciples
Fearful for their passage
We will worry will we drown
Will we come through?

We know the storms
Of agony and upset
Of broken hearts
Of animosity
Of hatred turned our way
Of cruel things they say
Of noonday darkness
Every misery

Robbed of hope
And happiness
We cry out in our pain
Who can save us?
Right the wrongs again
These storms
Are overwhelming
Reducing us to nought
Where is light?
Where the joy we thought?

The Lord whose power
Calmed the wind
And quietened down the sea
Endured the agonies of life
The same as you and me
He faced the taunts and torments
The jeering of the crowd
The lash the crown of thorns
The nails the cross the shroud

He rose again
The Lord of life
To calm this fretful world
His gift of peace
A powerful gift
Not just a simple word
The power to calm the wind and sea
A sign that we may know
His power to calm
Tormented souls
His power to make us grow

Peace be with you
Is his gift
A grace now given to you
To be the calm within the storm
When others think they’re through
You’ve journeyed through
The storms of life
His grace within you dwells
Exert your power
In others’ lives
Calm the wind and swells

Brian Fahy
29 June 2021

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