Question To The Heart

Personal questions
Like arrows to the heart
Seek to find the inner you
Heart now seeking heart
Heart seeking missiles
Sent with love in mind
Wanting to establish
Cruel are you or kind?

Jesus asked of Peter
Who do you say I am?
He sought to understand
Be understood
You and I can walk the road
Can know each other more
Our questioning seeks grounding
Solid as stone or wood

Some times we barely know ourselves
The feelings in our heart
They float around uncertainly
Undefined to start
Until the question clear is put
What do you say of me?
Then that formless feel takes form
I utter it for free

Two people here
Seek to relate
To find the common ground
Much is still uncertain
Much yet to be found
But enough for now
I credit you
In you I will believe
And so the bond of love is formed
May it never us deceive

Jesus made a fair return
For Peter’s honest answer
As you know me so I know you
You are no foolish chancer
Your faithful love
Will fail a test and yet you’ll be forgiven
The man I choose I stand beside
I give the keys of heaven

This is the pattern
Of all true love
An equal bargain made
In family friendship marriage vow
This is the one true trade
So live your life as from your heart
The Lord is by your side
If others fail you stay the course
Your heart, your heart’s your pride

Brian Fahy
29 June 2021

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