Lay Me Down

Lay Me Down

My bedroom welcomes me
At ten of night
The sight the thought of restful sleep
How blessed am I
To have this happy home
To live here safe and sound
Although alone

Some folk are sleeping
On the street
Some in hostels
Feeling the defeat
Of life beyond their power
To forfend
Some alone
Relations at an end

Amy McDonald liked to sing
Where you going to sleep
Where you going to sleep tonight
Early days of singing and late nights
I trust she has that sorted
As I write

In Nazareth a young man
Left his bed
Left his home
His carpentry his shed
Gave his life to preaching
As he said
The son of man has nowhere
To lay his head

In the end
They laid him on a cross
His head against the wood
His life a loss
But turning to the man
Who made the plea
This day you’ll be in paradise
With me

Brian Fahy
18 June 2021

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