Artist in the West

I paint with my pen
Words my metier
Having been a preacher
It was vital in that dance
I also loved to sing
When I was younger
I felt the force
Of music to entrance

Other forms attract me
Simply to admire
The painter
In particular I love
Paul Henry
Out in Achill
Scenes I know so well
Dark blue mountains
High blown clouds
Rough Atlantic swell

Postcards from the edge
John Hinde
Vivid colours
Perfect paradise
Ireland photographed as heaven
Blues and reds and greens
Won our hearts
A perfection rarely seen

Karl is painter
Amazing what he does
Uses things not just paint
To create and represent
Driftwood found along the shore
Nuts and bolts and wire
All things can be utilised
By this artist’s fire

He is my sister’s husband
Once of Dusseldorf
Now a man of Mayo
His home a work of art

Brian Fahy
18 June 2021

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