Mary Loftus ~ A Great Grandmother

I come from poverty
Yet never knew it
My circumstances
Good enough and kind
But go back a bit
My father used to sing it
In Paddy’s land but poverty you’ll find

The Fahy side In Slinaun
On a hill
The final house sheltered in a lea
Moor and bog beyond
And round the corner
Grace Kelly’s people
Newport and the sea

My grandfather’s mother
Mary Loftus
She haunts me now
An image and a sigh
What was she like?
I’ll never know
No picture and no story
Only that music made her cry

She is part of what we call
Long lost family
Lost in mists of time
The long ago
Maybe up in heaven
When we get there
We’ll sit and watch
The 19th century show

Her daughters all departed
For America
Settled in Chicago as I know
Some cousins came
Some years ago
I have addresses still
I wonder how they are getting on
Give the Internet a go!

To have your children
Scattered to the winds
The price that poverty
Always makes you pay
Those hardy folk
I bless them now
I am keen to see the day
When I meet that Mary Loftus
I wonder what she’ll say?

Brian Fahy
12 June 2021

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